We are an independently-owned property located in the heart of the Alberta West Country in picturesque Rocky Mountain House.

The property was built in the late1950's, originally expanded and renovated in the late 1970's, again in 1997 to add the Eagle Lodge and Eagle's Nest Liquor Store.Lastly in 2014 with the addition of a third building of exclusively kitchenettes.

We now total 138 rooms across 3 buildings. We house a Liquor Store, Public Laundry facility, a restaurant/lounge and banquet rooms.


We take our unusual name from the famous Chief Walking Eagle, a local Stoney First Nation chief who was internationally known for predicting the weather.

He was brought to world-wide attention by the editor of the local newspaper. She recognized his uncanny ability to accurately predict the severity of the coming winters. As the editor was also a correspondent for the major dailies in Calgary and Edmonton, her accounts of Chief Walking Eagle's predictions went to a much wider audience than just the local residents, and were published from Vancouver to Halifax. In November 1960 Time Magazine published an article about our Chief.

A man of simple tastes, he lived most of his life on the land, working hard to provide for his 7 children. His weather predictions were based on nature, the fur bearing animals, time and patterns of migration, and many other signs.

The Walking Eagle Inn & Lodge is proud to bear the name of this prominent citizen. Chief Walking Eagle passed away in 1965 at the age of 82. His portrait graces our lobby today as a daily reminder to embrace and protect the beautiful lands we are so fortunate to live on.

Chief Walking Eagle